All our beers are 100% Natural Craft Brewed.
White Rock Ocean Lager and White Rock Mountain Ale are always on tap.
We brew in small batches so the Seasonal Beers sell out quickly.
Follow us on twitter so you never miss a chance to try a new beer.
Or to pick up a few growlers of an old favourite.

Samples – No Charge

1 Litre (32 oz) Fill
– Lager and Ale – $7.25
– Seasonal – $8.25

1.89 Litre (64 oz) Fill
– Lager and Ale – $11.25
– Seasonal – $12.25

Need a growler bottle for us to fill?
1 litre – $6.00, 2 litre – $7.75

Save your money and bring in your clean used bottle – we like to see where you have been!

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