Brewmasters at White Rock Brewing
Our brewmaster, Al, brews beautiful beer!

Our brewmaster is an avid home brewer and craft beer enthusiast with a thirst for creating great tasting, preservative free beer. And don’t let his cheerful personality fool you – he makes a mean brew!

Al, a Peninsula resident since the early 90’s, began his love for creating tasty beverages in an interesting way. Growing up, he made soda pop as a part time job. After retiring from his career in government in 2012, he rekindled this childhood hobby by joining White Rock Brewing. Now, instead of creating soda, he creates beer. It is this same experimentation with different flavours which he loves. “Brewing beer is both an art and a science”, Al says. “Adding the perfect ratio of ingredients to the vat and being able to see the final creation is kind of like chemistry.”

With rapidly evolving tastes, he is always on the hunt for new flavours and combinations, such as his new coffee stout beer, white grapefruit IPA, and a beer brewed with citra hops. In creating the white grapefruit IPA, Al experimented by throwing in fresh orange peels and coriander seeds into the vat and couldn’t believe the delicious, out-of-this-world beer that came out!

As more people are catching onto the “growler fill” model of getting fresh, local beer, Al will continue his passion of supplying South Surrey with chemical free, preservative free and unpasteurized brews. He is excited for the future of White Rock Brewing as they continue to grow and sell to the hospitality industry. So when you are at a local restaurant or pub, ask for a White Rock Ocean Lager or Mountain Ale. As Al says, “We make really good beer, and we share! So come in and have some!”